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Sure, We’ll sell DL1’s to some clown in Africa with a Stolen Visa… (NOT!!)

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I gotta tell you, that’s getting old. These people (as we’ll LOOSELY call these Animals for the sake of this blog) are pirating massive lists of credit card numbers, and using them to steal from hard working E-Commerce companies here in the US, In Europe, and other parts of the world. Basically, anyone who is Naive enough to take their BS.The thing is, their stories are usually very good! They “look” real, and give US shipping and billing address’. Somehow, everything seems to check out, HOWEVER, we’ve got systems in place on our end that will red-flag certain order types or user types, and will expose them as criminals.This morning, we arrived to the office only to be greeted by such a dirtbag. Among our other orders, we’ve got 2 separate orders from the same “person” for High End DL1 projectors, plus a very nice used EIKI projector. The total on these transactions was over $30,000. Had we not been wise to this person, we’d have gone forward with the order, and completed the processing, eventually accepting his credit card as payment. However – we didn’t because we knew he was not who he presented himself as – and our security methods we’ve learned over the past 5 years worked to protect us. Once again, these people tend to be very sharp, creative – and persistent. They will throw every possible excuse at you. A recent person who we caught red-handed even tried giving us another stolen credit card instead saying “I knew I’d have trouble with that other one – try this instead”.I’ve known WAY too many people in this industry who’s business is not necessarily derived from the internet, and therefore – they’re not always prepared, and before they know it, they’ve lost $25,000 to some loser in Nigeria, Indonesia and a growing list of other known trouble regions.One thing I tell people ALWAYS when confronted with the old “Why would I pay you 10% to sell my gear when I can sell it myself on Ebay, and pay nothing”… The funny thing is, that reasoning is wrong in so many ways. First, ebay isn’t free. In fact, in many cases – our 10% is quite a bargain between all of their fees, re-listing fees, etc. Secondly, and MOST important to you is security. We take 100% responsibility for our transactions. When we tell you to ship something to Europe, Asia or even just across the street, we’ve collected full payment, and assume full responsibility for any sort of fraud we may fall victim to. You can rest assured you’ll receive full payment!If you are in the world of selling on the internet, or even if you take telephone orders with credit card payments – PLEASE use your brain! Use any available tool to make sure the person on the other end is who they say they are, and that they’re calling from this country. Also make sure they actually own their credit card! This is sometimes tough, but ask your bank or credit card processing service to help you with advice. We work closely with our Bank, our Credit Card Gateway, and the FBI Internet Fraud Division to stay on top of our security. Always use diligence in dealing with unknown people. I like to think I can trust everyone, but unfortunately, this is 2006 – and people are out to steal what you’ve worked hard to create. Do your best to not let them!

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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