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LDI 2006 Followup

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So, I sit here, maybe 2 hours sleep because I am silly enough to think I can still do Red Eye flights back, and work a full day… Not so. Flew back in with a bunch of the Martin boys (Including Dave Chesal – and his spanky new Flanel jammies) plus Stage Equipment and Lighting, Laser Productions, and a few others I recognize, but don’t know. So I guess I am not the only crazy one.The show was really a bit of a disappointment. Not because we didn’t have fun (cuz it WAS Vegas) but because the show just really lacked “energy”.. I am really not completely sure why, but people were walking around very un-excited by what they were seeing for the most part. Sure, there were a few exciting bits such as the VL3500 Wash, the Martin demo’d Little Biglite, the Stealth Screen from Element and a few others, but overall – it was a disappointing showing. I walked the show myself each of the 3 days, and really didn’t get the same feeling of “Wow” you once got at this show. In fact, on Sunday, I actually saw exhibitors tearing down their booths or sitting on their thumbs by about noon. Sunday was dismal at best.Sure, the organizers announced “Record Attendance” once again, and went on to proclaim “the best LDI show Ever!” however, I disagree. In my opinion, I’d have to say that from an attendance standpoint, this had to be nowhere NEAR the “record attendance” claim. I could be wrong, and have already read another blog where the writer compared the “rush coming in the door” to a Who concert. Not sure what door he was standing at – but I sure didn’t see it his way. So if this wasn’t, then what WAS the best LDI ever? Maybe the one in Miami Beach (not sure what year) when Martin had the party on the beach, or Phoenix (yeah, horrible location – but GREAT show), or was it Orlando about 15 years ago?? I don’t know – but it certainly wasn’t this one in my humble opinion.Sure, there were Highlights at the show, besides products, including Jere Harris receiving his lifetime achievement Parnelli award or the Live Design award to Allen Branton and the accompanying video (that I heard was put together by Tim Grivas – way to go Tim!). Very nice speach by Allen as well. However, even the parties seemed to lack energy. I didn’t go – but some of our people went to the CK party, and said it felt like a funeral. Maybe because they’re killing the competition! (hehehe). I visited the Elation party, and it was “okay”. The band was good, but their drink tickets couldn’t get me a Corona… bad! I heard the Martin party was “okay”, and the Rosebrand was “the usual”… but again – nothing really standout. No one person came to me and said “Wow – that was the greatest show party I’ve been to”. Bummer.In fact, that’s probably the underlying theme of this blog. There was NOTHING at this show, on or off the show floor that was a “Must See”. Not a product, a booth, an event, a party, NOTHING. To me, that’s not speaking well for the future success of this show. I spoke with soooo many people, not exhibitors, but people, who said “lets just do this show every 2 years, because the manufactures no longer have things to show us every year”… wow, that’s coming from attendees, not the manufacturers who hate cutting this check every year or developing products in a hurry to meet the fall Tradeshow schedules. That speaks loudly to me.I know it sounds like I am just bashing the organizers. I am not. I like (some of) these people, and have supported their efforts for years. I have always looked forward to coming to LDI every year, and seeing all the people who have helped make my career so much fun so far. However, this show left me feeling very un-satisfied, and not really looking so forward to the next show. Of course I’ll go to the show – but certainly won’t look back at this as the “Best Show Ever” as the organizers claim. Having said ALLLL of this, I will likely reach out and help in any way I can to make future shows better. Not sure what those answers are, but someone needs to start finding them.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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