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GS3 Coming to Life

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Here we are, only a few days til launch, and I gotta say – what a difference a couple of years makes. I remember in 04 when we were in the exact same position, preparing to launch GS2.0 at LDI. The difference is, this time we’ll actually have a working site! We were working with a quality Web Design and Development firm, but we were just a client. They had a lot of other clients, and a lot of other priorities. Now, our in house Web Dev team have no other priorities but to get this working and bug free site up by friday. In fact, they’re currently debugging and right on schedule to get it launched.Maybe it doesn’t sound like much. “You’re only revamping a site that’s already there”… now you sound like ME talking to Ezra, our Web Director. Fact is – it’s a HUGE number of changes. The entire look has changed, but more importantly – touchy feely stuff that our users experience have changed. Things like our Listing Process. We get people telling us all the time that this is a pain – however – what are you comparing to? Does ANY other website allow you to post, and manage your own listings in this way? Other than the obvious, Ebay, who allow you (in fact FORCE you) to manage every aspect of the deal – no one does what we do. Anyway, the process has become MUCH simpler. We’ve eliminated steps, and got it down to 3 or 4 total steps. Very well layed out, and simpler to understand. No more questions about pricing, images, etc. It’s all there and quite straight forward.We’ve also simplified the registration process, along with the process of updating your registration. We’ve vastly clarified, and simplified the “Need Zone” process. We’ve cleaned up the “Search” process. We’ve VASTLY improved and simplified the order and payment process (you’re welcome!) which should receive rave reviews.In fact – almost anything you’ll touch on our site has been made simpler for you. We’re confident we won’t get the same backlash we did when we went from our “very simple” prior design to GS2.0. This change is definitely keeping all the things you love about GS2.0 – but making them simpler, cleaner, etc.If you’re reading this prior to October 20th, and plan to be at the show, please stop by and go over the site with one of our people. We’d be happy to give you one of our new “Gimmie a Hug” tee shirts as well!

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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