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Martin B-Stock Online!

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We’ve cut a new deal with Mega-Manufacturer, Martin Professional, so I’d like to brag a little! (like I’ve ever been known to do THAT).Martin came to us several months ago with a Not So Unique problem. “How can we do a better job with our B-Stock”. All of the manufacturers I have worked for (only a few) have had a similar problem. Sure – they’ve got a lot of new product coming out with all the latest features, etc – but what do they do with the old stuff?With Martin, this has become a large problem recently due to their huge range of product. Most lighting manufacturers have a range of 8 or 10 fixtures, maybe a couple of controllers, some cases – that’s it! Martin have a complete control range, effects range, several fixture ranges (from DJ to concerts), Architectural range and of course, audio. Their sales people are good – but no one can change hats that many times. Sales people today need better focus than ever before. It’s a competitive marketplace, and these people need to know exactly what’s happening in the market, who their competitors are, where their products fit, etc. To try and concentrate on inventory issues really isn’t going to be their top priority, although the company would love that.So our response to Martin was “give US your problem!”. In reality, that’s exactly what they’ve done. To respond to this need, we developed a completely new approach. A new site, exclusively for the sale of Martin’s B-Stock, discontinued or Used inventory. The site is (named after the Mercedes Star Marked program). Although it may appear that the site is a completely new website – it really is not much more than a “branded portal” to our site, The listings are added in exactly the same way – and still appear on GearSource. A user could view the item, and make the purchase in either location, and technically – it makes no difference at all. The idea behind the Martin branding and colors on this site was to assure Martin’s customers that this is in fact a “Martin” product page. Although GearSource accommodate the sale, Martin are really in control of the appearance, price, warranty, shipping, etc. In fact, we’ve even granted GearSource dealerships to ALL Martin dealers – present and future. This gives those Martin dealers access to all GearSource Dealer pricing. A great benefit for these users.The site went live yesterday – so I can’t give you a huge amount of feedback, however – as of 9am today – we’ve already taken 2 orders and more than 1000 users to the page. That being said, I can only forecast great success! We really hope to do an excellent job for Martin in facilitating their clients with a great deal – and an excellent method of purchasing this B-stock inventory.Our goal is to continue expanding this site for Martin, and ultimately – to attract other manufacturers for similar projects. We would love to create (free of charge of course) a huge Audio site for an audio manufacturer as an example, or maybe one of the Conventional Lighting or dimming manufacturers. Now that we’ve created the basic footprint – it’s very easy for us to duplicate this process. For example – we could create “” for a major line array manufacturer, complete with all custom branding, look, etc – and hundreds of listings – all within about 24 hours.Anyway, be sure to check out, our first foray into private labeling pages on our site. We’re pretty excited about where it’s going!

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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