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Infocomm Followup

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Just got back from the show, and thought I’d put in a few words about what I saw at the show.First of all, I’d like to say that for the most part, I was quite impressed, not only by the show, management, etc – but also the quality of the attendees. We never really know what to expect with these shows, especially when they’re not technically our “core” market, but this one in particular turned out very well for us. We managed to add several key vendors, and customers to our fold in both GearSource and Rental-Source – plus, hav sort of a coming out party for LED Source, who also had a fantastic show. GearSource managed to cut deals with a few MAJOR players who we will announce in the coming weeks. Let’s just say we’ve now got access to approximately $10m in inventory that we didn’t have before the show! We’re talking quality stuff too!In addition to our companies, we saw High End Systems, who heavily demo’d the DL2 and it’s new Collage software which was very cool. Basically 4 DL2s can create an image which combines to match a 20k projector. Slick. They also displayed the new Studio Command 1200. I don’t know much about it – but looks cool! I think they’ve also dropped the price on it to a very nice price point as well.I saw AC Lighting who showed the Vista console and stayed very busy with constant demos on it. I guess it’s supposed to be a pretty great console – but I know nothing about it, so I’ll leave it at that. ACT Lighting (not to be confused with AC Lighting) had the MA series of lighting control consoles, plus – a very cool new Yoke for large video projectors. It was pretty popular and seems to have a spot in the market.TMB were there with a mini-me version of their normal booth. Not sure what they were showing though. They had no beer, so I spent very little time at their booth, although I did get the fishing report from Colin Waters.Mainlight showed the latest version of their Softled products. Quite a popular booth. Even the illusive Aidas made an appearance for the first day of the show anyway.I saw Nils and Element Labs showing a new plastic mesh type video screen like the expensive Japanese product that was shown at LDI. I am guessing that will be a very successful product in the coming year.Spent a bit of time at the Thomas stand looking at their Pixel Range products. They have a couple of cool new items that should do quite well.Eric Loader, and his new company Elation / Acclaim Lighting – were at the show. They displayed a lot of their LED products in addition to a few lighting effects. Some really great stuff. Eric should do well in his new position.There were a ton of other Lighting stands but I really dont remember them all.Of course, it’s a video show – and the highlight were some very cool new video products. I am sure Infocomm will publish all sorts of articles about them. I am by no means an expert on video gear. The busy stands seemed to be Crestron, Barco, Christie and a few others. Each of those were also showing several new products – so go figure.Anyway, based on the response I’ve heard, the lighting, audio and staging companies seemed to be fairly happy with the show. Most of those I spoke with seem like they’d like to return for the next show – in LA next year. Some people went as far as to tell me that they prefer this show over the LDI show – and some of the other lighting related shows where you tend to get very busy answering questions for people who never seem to buy anything. Don’t get me wrong – LDI is a great show, but I think that some lighting vendors who have done the show for 15 years are “burning out” a little and looking for new blood at shows like Infocomm.Anyway – sorry for the in complete report – but remember, I was on our stand most of the time – so I really didn’t get a lot of time to wander. I’ll try harder next time.Marcel

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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