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Why GearSource is a GREAT option

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You know, I get asked all the time “why wouldn’t I just sell the item myself on Ebay, why do I need to use GearSource – then pay you a commission”.. Well, the answer is actually several parts. Let me explain.1) Value – First and foremost, we’re almost certain we will get you more money for your item. It’s fact that most people who are buying professional sound, lighting, video, staging, etc off ebay are looking for fire sale deals. And likewise, much of this gear being sold on ebay is on ebay because there’s a problem, or it’s just not up to “snuff” in one way or another. People are buying and selling this gear on ebay for a reason. If you take the exact same piece of gear, and market it through our site, and it’s quality gear, we will likely find you a better buyer, and a better price.2) Sales Effort – really, on ebay – all you’re doing is putting up the item, and hoping someone happens to be looking at that moment – for that item. If it doesn’t sell – you still pay the fees, and probably start again with another 7 day auction. With GearSource – you list the item, and if it doesn’t sell – we never see a dime! So our team of full time sales people (currently 4 plus Gear Source Europe) will go hard to work and market your listings to the world! We don’t sit and wait for the site to sell your listings, even though in many cases, it does exactly that.3) Payment – This is one of the most important aspects of what we do for our vendors. Following is an ACTUAL response from Paypal – on why they weren’t giving me back the money I paid for an Ipod from a guy who was apparently a scammer. I prepaid him using Paypal – and very soon after received a notice from ebay saying “he’s a suspicious character – file a claim with Paypal” which I did – but only got back $175 of $400. So I am out $225 – and here’s the actual response from them:Dear Marcel Fairbairn,Thank you for contacting PayPal.As stated within the PayPal User Agreement, the PayPal Buyer Complaint Policy does not guarantee recovery of your funds, and recovery is done on a best effort basis. The amount refunded to you represents the total amount PayPal was able to recover from the seller’s PayPal Account. Although the claim is closed, the dispute is noted in the seller’s account records, and the seller will need to complete the refund to you if he/she wishes to continue the use of PayPal’s service.So – they’ve done ALL this marketing to tell me, the user, that I will get my money back, and I am protected. Like most normal people, I didn’t read the user agreement, and therefore had no idea that they’d only cover the part they could collect. I thought it was more like AMEX – where “no questions asked” you get your money back. With GearSource – you will NEVER be exposed to any sort of credit card fraud, scams, etc. We’re well schooled on these scams (not including this ebay dummie who screwed me for an ipod) and have never been stung. Even if we were to get stung, we have insurance to cover us and will NEVER come back to you in the event of a payment issue. When you receive our purchase order, you are 100% guaranteed payment from us. Also – remember – with ebay – paypal, credit cards, etc – there’s a Fee for payment processing. We absorb all fees – and pay you whatever you asked for – total! No deductions, fees, etc.4) Hassles – we like to think that we take about 75% of the hassle out of selling your used gear. Sure, you still have to provide us with the details, photos, etc – but we do all the haggling for you, we take care of shipping details, we deal entirely with the customer – so you don’t have to! I like to think that this in itself is enough to justify our profit on a deal. Plus, any company I’ve seen who have a large number of sales made on ebay will have a staff member dedicated to handling those sales. All we need is someone to give us the info prior to listing, and to take the order from us once we’ve sold your items! Simple.5) Presentation – like I said in the first point, people selling gear on ebay are often selling it there for a reason. It’s easy to hide on ebay. Most companies selling there are anonymous, and you have no idea who you’re buying from. We’ve seen a lot of Stolen equipment (some technobeams even surfaced yesterday!!) being sold on ebay, etc. With us – your gear is shown in the best way it can be. We are a professional organization, and will treat your gear in a way that will expose it to the most professional of buyers, plus to churches, schools, and users who’d NEVER buy gear on ebay. If you really want to get out to the “right” buyers, we’re really the right choice.The thing that made me write this email at this time was the ebay / paypal notice concerning the Ipod I got stiffed for. I received that notice last night – and it’s funny, when I was buying the ipod – I thought “I should just run down the street and buy this at the Apple store in the Wellington Green mall” but I had some money in my paypal account – and wanted to spend it. I just had a feeling that this $400 purchase was going to become more trouble than it was worth – and it did. I learned. Sure – sometimes there are deals on ebay that you can’t pass up. I recently bought a pool cleaner for someone – as a gift – and it went VERY well. I got a great price, and it was delivered very quickly, etc. However – I am swearing off purchasing from individuals who are not “real” stores, etc. It’s just not worth the hassle.Cya!Marcel

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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