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Gear Source takes on MAJOR accounts

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In the recent past, I decided to add a major player to my GearSource sales team. Henry Kones came on board with a great deal of experience in the field of sales – especially Automated lighting. Henry is a driven individual, and it didn’t take long for him to squeeze into his role – Director of Market Development. Lots of people get that title – and don’t really do much with it. They’re “glorified salespeople” with a big title. Not Henry. He immediately began looking around for areas to “develop”.One of Henry’s instant success’ was in the “informal” formation of a major accounts division. Because of these efforts, we’ve found our way into agreements to market gear for the likes of Christie Lites, Solotech (I know – two canadians in a row.. I have my roots you know!), a tighter arrangement with Martin Professional (more on that later), Christie Digital (Video projector manufacturer), EAW and more. What we’ve basically done is create a division who’s focus is to bring in and support the needs of Major accounts. We want to be their equipment disposal arm – and dig ourselves in to their operations to a point where they are looking to us for advice on inventory moves. Our goal is to continue growing this division of our business, while never forgetting the smalling companies who count on us to sell the 10 or 15 items they need to move each year.In order to grow this division, one of the tools we’ve employed is the use of “Private Labeled” sites. I know – what the heck is that? Well – we’ve pretty much taken and created pages within our site that are private labeled for particular vendors. We are working on projects now for 3 MAJOR manufacturers. The first is supposed to launch on June 1st – but we’ll see. Anyway – these manufacturers will have a page where they send users. The page will match the look of their own site – and will be an extension of their own branding. It will even have it’s own custom URL. The thing that won’t be immediately obvious is the fact that this site is actually run on our GearSource system. Not until you’re in the checkout will you realize “ah – I am dealing with GearSource”. Not that dealing with gearsource is a bad thing! In fact – we’re thinking that it will make users even more comfortable buying used, reconditioned, or overstock gear from these major accounts. The goal was to make this custom site work seemlessly with our own Engine – which we’ve accomplished. Anyway – watch for the first of several custom Private Labeled sites to launch in June. I think you’ll be surprised by the look, and function of this new site.I guess the future will tell, but in my opinion, this entire major accounts division will turn out to be a MAJOR highlight in the story of GearSource. We’ve been fortunate to have grown at a crazy pace. The Major Accounts division will continue our growth to an entirely new level in the coming years.Marcel

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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