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Our New site IS coming… I Promise!

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I was just reminded that I was bragging in a previous blog that we’d be “Live” on January 23rd. Well – we’re past that date, so I guess it’s time for me to make a confession. I’ve NEVER hit a launch date on any of our sites, or our site Upgrades. Not that I don’t want to. I definitely walk into these launch dates with a very positive outlook and fully intending to get them up and running on time, but somehow – someone always has different plans.In the case of our new launch for (yes, that’s the name) it really is a combination of things. First, we’re still finalizing some of our product offerings and getting things ready to go. The bigger issue is that we’re in the process of migrating alllll of our sites to our own dedicated servers. This is a Huge step for us in the “growing up” process. From now on, we’ll have much more control over every aspect of our sites. We’ll also be able to better control security, spam, and other issues that plague many smaller e-commerce sites.Anyway, I thought I should at least pop in with an update on this. We should have LED Source ready to launch in a couple of weeks. I will post an announcement and I am sure all of the trade magazines, etc will be mentioning it as well. Since we’re selling nothing but LED’s – we’ll have a very focused and dedicated site which of course will offer full e-commerce for all purchases to be easily made online. Talk more soon!Marcel

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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