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LDI Post show Thoughts….


So I am home. Spent 4 days with the other folks at LDI – then decided to “hang” with the family for a couple of days of Mickey Bliss! Can’t really decide which part was more work! A couple of days at Disney World with the family can really wear a guy out. Did me anyway.I guess I will start with our booth – which was FAB! If I had any idea how to publish photos on this, I’d show you. Thing is, we bought this booth from Ebay. Quite a funny story in fact. We drew out what we were looking to build on a napkin, then Henry goes to visit his favorite friend (yes, ebay) and see what he could see. Low and behold, he finds pretty much exactly what we just drew up! We negotiate a price and the booth is on its way. Worked out really great. We’re gonna re-skin some of the components and add some cool graphics, but otherwise, we’ll be using this booth for a couple of years.On to the show! It really was rather uneventful. I hear Tony and the boys at Robe had a blast in their golf tournament. Otherwise, I really heard very little about parties, events, or other goings on after hours. Sure, it’s Orlando – but I am sure we could find SOME way to get in trouble. I can’t help but remember the days of the BIG parties. Remember the High End parties like the one in Nashville on the boat, or in Dallas on some dude ranch or something? What about the Martin party I did on South Beach with KC and the Sunshine Band? I think we had 5000 people there. Where’d those parties go? Now, the big companies either do nothing, or they have 500 people jam into a ballroom with really nothing but some food and drink. Snooooore. I know that budgets have been cut, and companies are re-focusing on the bottom line. I still believe that you can bring a lot of customers to the table by entertaining them just a little. I know High End did their thing this year in the House of Blues (AGAIN!) thanks to a trade out deal they’ve had going for about 6 or 7 years now (I actually set up the original deal between High End and HOB). Even that party was pretty boring though (from what I was told) because, once again, budget ruled and not many people were invited. Anyway, enough about the parties because, as you know, they only account for a small part of why people actually come to these shows.On the show floor, things weren’t much more exciting than the nightlife I just described. Sure, there was some excitement on Saturday when John Hud from Upstaging escorted Kid Rock through several booths looking for some new Tech for his next tour. Other than Kid though – what was exciting you ask? Well, very little. The coolest thing was definitely a plastic LED Video wall. I cannot for the life of me remember what this Japanese product was called but it was SUPER cool. The funny thing was the rumors flying concerning pricing. The first day, I heard everything from $50,000 to a conversation I had with a pretty major player in the LED world who “Assured” me that one of these walls had just been sold for $10,000,000. Come on now… Anyway, the price I heard most often seemed to be $900,000. Basically, this wall was a plastic mesh type material with LED’s throughout. I think it was about 1 inch resolution (medium rez). The whole thing weighed practically nothing, and was hung by thin safety wires only. This helped to drive home the fact it weighed nothing. Also, I was told it was powered by a single 20 amp circuit. Nice! Anyway, very cool product. If you EVER get a “real” price out of these people, please let me know!Lots and Lots of LED stuff once again ruled the show. For the most part, it was all pretty boring. Coemar had a cool little truss warmer with RGB LED’s. Pretty much all the “foo foo” light guys had come form of Chinese copy of everything. CK had their same (boring) white booth. In my opinion, these guys rule the LED world and they’re these huge leaders of the industry. They should have larger, more dominent looking stands at the big shows. Period! Anyway, they did show a couple of pretty cool new products.Barco had some pretty slick new video products, High End showed the final version of DL2 (now shipping as well!), Martin showed the BIG Light (or BIG MAC as many called it) which is very cool, and I am told is selling quite well also. Martin showed several other new products as well, and from what I hear, they wrote a whole lot of orders too! Varilite showed the VL500 and I am sure they sold about a gazillion of them! It’s a cool light, and something everyone seems to want.I hear TMB got caught shoving beers out the back door. That sucks – but I guess fair is fair. Most of us got caught long ago (like when I was with Martin, and they stopped us from bringing in a container of “Martin Beer”) and have been paying $3 or $4 per beer from the convention nazis. I am not saying I like their rules, but I guess I have always thought that we should all have to play by the same set. Anyway, can’t say I’ve never drank a TMB beer – so does that make me an accomplice?That’s really about it. I told you – fairly un-eventful, but I guess that’s LDI. Are we ready for a new show – or has the industry just grown up to a point where we can’t have much fun anymore – who knows. I know that I spent a few nights at the Peabody Bar and a couple of dinners at Vito’s Chop House – but what does that have to do with LDI, or any of the manufacturers? I know I am beating a dead horse, but I still think the show organizers and exhibitors have some responsibility for these people at night,,, am I nuts?Feel free to respond with your own thoughts or views on the show.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

2 thoughts on “LDI Post show Thoughts….

  1. You obviously missed the LightParts/Club and Casino launch party at the Glo Lounge – it was rocking and the party of the show. I think you knew about it, but you knew we would make you play bass. Since you’re too big a pussy to play with us, you didn’t show up AND didn’t mention it in your blog.

  2. Actually, I DID go to the party, but you were obviously too tanked to remember all the hugging and “I Love You Man” stuff you were giving me. The party was fun. I’ve always enjoyed watching lighting and ad sales people who WISH they were rock stars get up and shake their bellies to “bad to the bone” and other lame songs from the 70s… jeez – how’d I not get up on stage?

    Seriously – this WAS one of the better parties this year..

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