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Wilma….. I’m Home!!!

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Yubba, dubba frickin’ doo! Wilma, as in the Hurricane that has caused me my latest round of headaches has come and gone, but in her path left us with a HUGE mess. Not a mess like the poor folks of New Orleans or Biloxi have endured, but a mess that has made our lives somewhat miserable.First, you’ve got the missing power. There is pretty much none in all of south Florida. The power company really doesn’t know when it’ll be back on either. Nice. Oh well, at least we’ve got all those expensive Generators that the aforementioned power company told us to buy. Mine is a Nice one too! Its a Multiquip 9700 – oooooh… Here’s the problem. This nice geni don’t run on wishes! It seems to require good ol (expensive) Petrol (or gas by our terms). Well – try finding THAT in south Florida. For those who have seen Mad Max, we’re living it right now. I’ve seen gas lines several miles long at the few open gas stations. On top of that, I’ve heard stories of people who waited 8 or 10 hours, sleeping in their cars, only to find themselves with a limit of $20 per car. In my cars, $20 gas doesn’t go very far.Add the fact that we have no phones, cell phones, blackberry’s (ouch, that one hurts), cold beer (this hurts even MORE) or most other necessities. I don’t mean to sound insensitive in any way, but where are the telethons for us? Where’s the cavalry for us??? I was there when asked to help victims of other natural disasters such as the Tsunami or Katrina. For whatever reason, I just don’t see the same response to the disaster in Florida. Remember – this is probably the biggest storm to ever hit this state. There’s no power to something like 90% of South Florida – and there’s no way to get fuel. People are really in a panic. My wife waited in a line for ice 2 hours yesterday. FEMA had a sign up that said “Ice and Water”. SHe was near the front of the line when they opened, but when she got to the front was told – “Sorry, we only have water – no ice”. The only reason she was in the line was to get ice to keep milk cold for our son. I guess we should be happy we have water though – right?Anyway – all that being said, I feel pretty lucky. We’re safe and our house pretty much survived unscathed. Other people haven’t done so well. Katrina made soooooo many people homeless and jobless, so we have a lot to be happy about.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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