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Sir Paul Rules Again!


On friday night, I was lucky enough to see the opening of Paul MacCartney’s new “US” tour. Since I had a part in the lighting (we supplied a large portion of the MAC300s which were modified to LED fixtures by SACO in Canada), the show was of particular interest to me. Also – I am a fan of Roy Bennett – ever since he did the design and programming of an LDI booth for me at Martin about 10 years ago. He’s an exciting designer, and adds “wow” effects that no one else seems to come up with.Anyway – I don’t have a perfect memory – but I will try to point out a few of the things that I remember vividly. First – the entire back wall is a series of “windows” for lack of a better term. Each of these windows (probably 4ft square) opens and closes independently on what looks to be a roll up screen mechanism. That effect alone was stunning. When closed, the windows would form a screen that was backlit by either LED fixtures (which we’ll go into in a moment) or by a Video projector. The video projectors would either play individual images – or for the most part were used to create an entire video wall. The content appeared to be a “Catalyst type” with effects, and also would occasional show the artist or even the audience. Anyway – killer effect.The LED fixtures behind the wall were MAC300s (200 of them as I recall) mounted in a grid. Each of the smaller “windows” appeared to have 4 MAC300 LEDs. Each of these units has 4 color (Red Green Blue and White) high powered leds. The effects produced were awesome to say the least.Another feature for me were the “Balls and Rings” as I call them. It was basically an LED screen – round – that would break apart to a smaller round screen and series of rings as well. Really an impressive look.More video is what you need? Well – how about the entire stage. It was curved up at the back to – what seemed to be about 8ft high – all made up of panels – each looked to be about 24 inches square. The entire stage made up a video screen. This was normally used to produce colorful effects as part of the show.Martin debut’d their new MAC700 in a big way on this show. Not sure how many – but it was a lot. They sat along side a large number of MAC2000 wash fixtures – and stood up quite nicely. This should be a winning combination for Martin.I gotta tell you – the thing that impressed me most were the color changing flame throwers. No idea how this works – but you’d have flames coming up in colored combinations. This was wild! An effect I’ve never seen – but I am sure will see a lot more often now.If you’re into new technology, awesome video, great effects of all sorts – or just a good ol’ fashioned singer who still sounds great at 63 – you should really get out and see this show. I loved almost every minute of it.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

2 thoughts on “Sir Paul Rules Again!

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  2. C’mon, man; it was Paul! How could you even watch the lights with him on stage?

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