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Google, Schmoogle! (NOT!!)

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If you have a website for your business, you are probably familiar with something i’ve learned the hard (and expensive!) way over the past few years. How do I get those darned search engines to find me? Well, there are certainly a few ways to go about that, but one that I’ve found to be somewhat successful (yes, and expensive) recently has been the Google Adwords program.You know when you search for something, and you see “Sponsored Listings” at the top of the page, or along the right side perhaps? Well, those are paid Google (or other companies who have also jumped on the search for dollars bandwagon) search terms.For example, lets say you look for “High End Systems”. You might find a couple of Sponsored links, then some “organic” links as well. Organic search results are there based on all sorts of information including web page design, search relovence (not as important as you’d think!) and various Google algorythms that seem to change by the day. The Sponsored links will be sorted based upon the amount that each company sponsoring the result decided to pay.When you set up a Google Adwords campaign, you can pay as much or as little as you like and the software will basically show you exactly what that amount should give you in terms of “clicks” and also what “position” you will hold. Sometimes, we will buy a “3rd position” instead of a “1st position” for strategic or budgeting reasons.To be perfectly honest, I hate giving Google all of this money, but if I don’t – someone will. For example, recently, I noticed an interesting phenomenon. Companies were buying my company name in Google searches. If you searched for, you would obviously get my site in the Organic results, but a few other companies would come up in the Sponsored results. This was a concept that was recently challenged in the courts. As I understand, one of the major insurance companies (I think it was Geiko, but it’s not important) sued Google claiming that Google’s Ad Words program infringed upon the company’s trademarks. The insurance company was ultimately un-successful in their battle, but I for one completely agree with their issue. Why should someone be able to pay $.50 cents or so per click and basically “steal” my users? If a person goes to the internet looking for “Used Gear Supplier” that’s one thing, however, when they specifically type in, they are looking for my site specifically. Why should I lose this user? It’s a topic that I am certain will be challenged again and again, and will ultimately result in new legislation protecting a company and their trademarks from this sort of action.Anyway, as much as I hate paying Google for this program, it has become a part of our overall marketing campaign. I know of companies who use Ad Words for 100% of their marketing.. I would not agree with this approach, but you should certainly look at Ad Words as a piece of your overall web marketing pie.

Author: Marcel Fairbairn

Our expert sales team, collectively, have over 50 years experience in the sound, lighting, production and music industry.

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