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Do you know DNA Soundsystem?

1 got a chance to sit down with the team at DNA Soundsystems and talk with them about being on the road, their featured events and the giant robot that overlooks the dancefloor. 

DNA Soundsystem consists of a core group of DJs and party heads who all came together for the love of the underground music scene and the want to integrate into the party scene that goes hand in hand with it all. The team are a UK based soundsystem that organises events in nightclubs and bars, hires out for private functions and now provides sound and staging for festivals. The core crew as it now stands as Josh, Charlie, Ben, Sam, Jack, Alec and Stef. DNA has taken a step back from the rave scene that formed its reputation in the past and after completing their full rig they are now aiming purely at the festival scene on a larger scale, underground clubs and events. After the success they have had this year with the Takeover Stage at Illusive, DNA are really pushing to make 2017 something big.

How did you all come together as a collective? What is your history together?

There is a lot of past history with DNA but basically, a lot of the current crew began as bedroom DJs and all the members developed a love of a variety of underground sounds from Jungle to Techno to Drum n Bass etc. We all grew up in the music scene, some of us starting in bands as well. After time attending all sorts of events across the UK the group really came together with a passion for sound systems and reinforcement. We all come from the same area so it was inevitable really when it all began. Although there is a core crew, there is a wider group of people that we consider to be part of the wider collective. The one thing that stands out still to this day is the bond between all the members, when we come together it properly feels like a family affair.

What got you into sound reinforcement?

The fact that a lot of us came from a musical background, whether it be as a hobby with DJing or just purely attending the events, its kind of came as a natural progression. None of us are really into our football or rugby so this is our hobby and what we do.

Where did you study or did you just fall into the profession?

Some of our crew studied various aspects of music across colleges/universities in London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. This ranged from sound tech in general to sound engineering and events. This said, most of the knowledge we have among us comes from experience gained from being out in the field and the various different types of gigs we have done over the years. Ranging from small club nights to festival stages like Illusive, it has given us an insight into staging and engineering across lots of different types of situations taking into account all the different aspects involved. Aside from the sound reinforcement aspect, we are lucky enough to have people involved such as Stef and JJ who are qualified in construction and electrics, which has been a crucial part of Illusive in the past few years. 


How did you team up with Illusive Festival?

We have known James, Lucy, Gary and Simon for a long time in and out of the scene and have collaborated with them on a lot of events in the past. Frank, one of the founders of DNA, grew up with James and they formed quite a strong bond between the crews at the time. The Illusive Festival crew asked us to get involved the first year, and we had been wanting to stage a festival for a long time…so it was no brainer.

Illusive Festival on YouTube

What sound equipment did you use?

We use custom built Lab Horn sub bass bins and EAW KF750 mid tops. We run it all off of a full rack consisting of Powersoft amplifiers and an XTA crossover.

Why did you pick this equipment for the event?

The rig as it stands has a massive amount of SPL and precise clarity of sound. The Lab Horns are a very long throw speaker and are perfect for outdoor ventures such as festivals. We have found the EAWs to be a perfect accompaniment to our bass section. Over the years, we have had several different systems although now we are fully committed to the Lab Horn and EAW set up. The Powersoft amps we use to run it off, compliment it perfectly. The great thing about Illusive is that it has been the only time so far we have ever been able to use our full rig. Being able to have the “full shebang” out in full force has been a proper turning point for us, and to have the reception we have got after the few years at Illusive is incredible. Unfortunately, especially due to the increase in restrictions and closures throughout the UK club scene it’s hard to find somewhere you can take a decent size sound system and actually use what you have got.

If people want to get in contact with you for any information on hire outs or events, what is the best way?

The best way for people to reach us is to send any queries they may have to We also have a Facebook page that can be found by searching for “DNA Soundsystem”. We offer a full range of different setup in regards to sound hire for events, and each one comes with a fully manned team of technicians and crew. We would like to give a special mention to Frankie “Zappa” Passaro a.k.a “Boy” who without his influence and guidance we would not be where we are today.

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Why buy an ESP Signature Guitar?


ESP found fame by making and endorsing guitars for guitarists who went on to become leading exponents of thrash metal in the 1980s, along with other guitar manufacturers Jackson and Dean, with bands Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. As a result of these endorsements, ESP has become one of the most popular suppliers of guitars for heavy metal. ESP instruments are endorsed by musicians numbering in the hundreds. A complete list of them can be found on the Artists section of ESP Guitars’ website.

The ESP Artist, or Signature series guitars are basically mass-produced versions of artist’s personal guitars and basses. The quality of the ESP Artist/Signature models lie between Navigator/Custom Shop and the ESP Original series.

LTD Michael Wilton Skull Signature Series Electric Guitar : Best Price anywhere! You can’t find it cheaper anywhere else…

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.11.27 PM.png

Between 1990 and 1992, ESP expanded its Signature Series as well as its standard product line. The US replacement parts business was discontinued in order to focus solely on their guitar and bass line, as well as the Custom Shop series. There are about 41 signature series guitars.

LTD Will Adler Signature White Camo : In Stock and at an amazing price!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.13.03 PM


Check out these great deals on a limited selection of amazing guitars from ESP Guitar Company. Available now at GREAT pricing and with FREE shipping within the continental USA. We are offering these great deals to make room for new inventory, so don’t wait until they are all gone forever.

Mille Petrozza Military Green Signature Electric Guitar : This is a completely NEW model. We offer the best price anywhere!

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.14.16 PM

All guitars are factory fresh and come with a warranty. Let us show you the® difference.

  • White Glove Service
  • FREE Shipping
  • Unique Brands
  • Unbelievable LOW Pricing
  • One offs not found anywhere else

Click to see the deals -> ( You can find us online at or call us direct at (866) 669-GEAR. Feel free to also contact our GearHeads at

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GearSource Europe Moves To A New Office!


Wellington, FL (July 2016) – Gear-Source, Inc. is pleased to announced the relocation of our European office to the historic Horton Kirby Paper Mills in South Darenth,UK. The office is in a historic building that was constructed in the late 1820s, located within the historic Horton Kirby Paper Mills. “The new floor plan will provide greater efficiency in how we serve clients. As we started to outgrow our previous premises, we needed to find something that would handle our continuous company growth. We are now able to position our entire stock and staff in the same area of one building and we expect this to improve internal and external communication.” said Managing Director of GearSource Europe, Garry Nelsson. 

“We were fortunate to find such a nice space so close to our previous office. We really wanted to limit the impact that relocation could have on our clients and employees. I don’t think we could have found a better location for our team. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and evolve to keep pace with our client’s needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and superior service along the way,” said Marcel Fairbairn, Gear-Source, Inc. President and CEO. is part of®, well-known reseller of professional Stage Lighting, Pro Audio, Video and Staging equipment. The new office space means improved client service, new amenities for employees and room for growth. Relocation to the new space was completed at the end of June 2016.

GearSource Europe’s new address is:

The Studio at the Mill, Esparto Way, South Darenth DA4 9FF United Kingdom

About the Mill:

Built in 1820, Horton Kirby Paper Mill was originally a flour mill. After being converted to paper making, a workforce of approximately 100 locals were employed. The larger part of the building was built in 1881 and had 35 ft. added by a German firm in 1914. 

About Gear-Source, Inc.:

Since 2002,® has been a worldwide distributor of pre-owned professional stage lighting, pro-audio, video, and staging equipment. For more information about GearSource and it’s partners, visit or call (866)669-GEAR.

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Did you know that works throughout Central and South America?


Yes! has and will continue to work within Central and South America. Not only can we supply amazing gear at a great price but we can also assist in any logistics within these locations.

In recent years, Latin American and Caribbean countries have experienced strong economic growth and productions have been growing within these locations. We partner with people from production companies to Houses of Worship to help provide them with quality gear at outstanding pricing. Our Latin America Office works to ensure that these areas have a direct translator and contact within the United States to answer any questions you have about brining in production gear to your current location. We strongly believe that our company collaborations within these given areas are extremely vital to success and we will continue to nurture each relationship closely.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.48.50 PMMeet Cynthia Viteri!

Cynthia has spent 7 years with Marcel (CEO of at two other companies, first, as a Regional Sales Manager for Latin America at Martin Professional, then at Tracoman / Coemar USA serving the Latin American markets. Cynthia graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in International  Business and from Nova Southeastern University with a Masters in International Business Administration. She is a proven performer when it comes to production sales, and has always gone the extra mile for GearSource clients. She is here to help you with any questions you might have about production equipment you find listed at

Me encantaría asesorarte en seleccionar el mejor equipo de producción que puedas necesitar para su próximo evento … no dude en llamarme al teléfono + ( 561 ) 296 -9557 o envíeme un correo a  También puede visitar nuestro sito en . Espero hablar con usted pronto. “Cynthia Viteri”

…we look forward to doing business with you.


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We had a blast at Summer NAMM 2016!

What a Fantastic Show!

I love summer NAMM just because it is the smaller show where you can get more quality time with Vendors and products…this year was no exception. The feeling of the show was very up beat and a lot of Vendors that had quit in years past have decided to return to Summer Namm. It was not hectic and I felt it was a real pleasure to see all the new things happening within the musical instrument industry. In talking with a lot of the Vendors, the mood was very positive about the way the industry is changing. The show had great energy over all and of course the music was outstanding! Nashville as the back drop for this show was perfect, watching all the unbelievable artists and songwriters was a thrill that you will get no where else. I also had to cruise Broadway ave, have a bite at Jacks BBQ and visit Tootsies Orchid Lounge. There are just so many amazing players in every club and you couldn’t go to summer NAMM without at least spending one evening at The Bluebird Cafe. They have professional songwriters trying there latest lyrics and hooks. Absolutely an amazing show and now watch  for all the new products as we will be posting daily amazing musical instrument deals. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or call me direct at

(866) 669-GEAR. I look forward to hearing from you.
CLICK HERE to check out all our show photos on our Facebook page.

Robert Brown
Business Development Representative

The Worlds’s Marketplace for Used Lighting, Pro Audio, Stage Gear & Musical Equipment 

GearSource – Musical Instruments
toll free: +1.866.669.GEAR
direct ph:  
fax number: +1.561.792.0602
3101 Fairlane Farms Road, Suite 4
Wellington, Florida 33414 

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Our latest GearHear shows us what it takes to be a woman in the Lighting Design industry.

Today we meet with a true GearHead, Elisa Goad. Elisa has been in the production and lighting industry for as long as I can remember, from being a technical writer to now working directly for Disney’s World of Color. Today, we find out a bit more about her life and that it takes perseverance to be a woman in the LD industry.


Elisa quietly disclosed her favorite console was the MA 1, she said, “I know that’s blasphemy in today’s world but it was a trooper of a console and was perfect for EDM’ music 7 nights a week when I worked at Mannequins Dance Palace at Pleasure Island many moons ago. Some of my favorite shows where on small rigs for DJs that have been close to my heart. I ran lights for Avicii before he blew up and I also ran lights for an Afrojack show. Big rigs were like the ones at MDP and whenever I was honored, I would run lights for a Make a Wish foundation.”

Elisa told us that Disney has been very different for her over the time spent there…17 years to be exact. When she worked at Pleasure Island, she had different consoles and different music genres to light. Elisa went to Atlantic Dance Hall after Pleasure Island closed and focused on more conventions and wedding lighting. Now that she is at California adventure in California, she has had the pleasure to work on the World of Color at Disney and has picked up the new skill set of fixing fountains with LEDs.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 12.53.47 PM

Elisa outside work includes club rehabs and installs. Her favorite job was being electrical help on movie sets before she started working with Disney. She dreams of getting back on set but at this time she is focusing on family instead of running from location to location. Just like any good parent, Elisa has one more kid who is 14 that she is waiting to graduate high school and then she will be able to tour again. She says after the kids are gone, just like any parent asks, “who knows where I’ll be in 4 years, nothing is limited!”

Elisa’s career started with an offhanded comment from a retail coworker that she should just go work in movies because she can’t stop taking about them. So Elisa called the local theater and local PBS station with a request to volunteer and PBS called her back the next day. She learned how to run the big tube cameras, ENG style camera, lighting for television, floor manager for telethons, basic master control for on air programming, and basic audio. Elisa’s two years at WSRE were an open place to learn as much as she wanted. She then started to figure out how to track down movie locations. At that time Elisa lived in Pensacola and there was no Internet yet or cell phones (“at that time, only rich people had them and they were HUGE”, said Elisa). She was able to get on the set of ‘Under Siege’ as an extra – it was a new low budget movie being filmed in Mobile. Being the “go-getter” that she is, Elisa considered herself lucky enough to track the director down and got hired as a PA immediately. The movie was very short staffed so the gaffer asked her to start being with the electrics and that’s how she got into lighting at the age of 21. She said that, Under Siege got her into every movie after that because she was the one of the only female electrician in the south. This is 1991 we are taking about, she had to work faster, harder, and smarter than every guy on the crew, but it gave her the rep that kept her working for 4 years straight.

Elisa then took a break after Candyman 2 and worked on having her first child. She went back to TV and was the floor manager/ assistant producer of a morning show until she moved to Orlando in 99 to work at Walt Disney World’ s Pleasure Island. In addition to working for the mouse, she worked (still technically employed) at House of Blues, Best Productions, and multiple amounts of production companies. She opened, installed, ran, and hired all gear and lighting techs for the Beacham in downtown Orlando. She also wrote for Prolighting Space and their flagship magazine PLSN.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 12.33.36 PM

Elisa also got to jump back on set as an electrician for just a few days in 2010 on Transformers: Dark side of the Moon. Movies are Elisa’s real passion and the casting of movies is why she talked so much about film. Elisa also spent about 6 years (during her days, nightclubs are all nights) working for a great casting director in Orlando. This led to her being able to cast a few low budget movies herself so she has casting director credits. Now, she has landed in California and she did get to work on a short film with friends that has been doing great. It’s called Smiling Man and Elisa felt it was great to be on set again as an electrician. She is also currently rehabbing a club in long beach – Hamburger Mary’s. Elisa’s heart throughout her life has been in production and that is where it will stay. It takes a strong woman to move around in the industry but with an open mind and a strong heart…life can take you anywhere.

If you would like to learn more about Elisa Goad or need to talk with someone about Lighting Design or Automated Lighting find us online at or call us direct at (866) 669- GEAR.

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If you are able to play the trumpet you have the lung capacity to sing.

Meet our latest GearHead, Jason Collier. Jason is known as an amazing trumpet player but in the last year he has transitioned to his latest band called The Music Project.


We met up with Jason to find out a bit about his trumpet playing and a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Jason’s mother made him take piano lessons at an early age, but it never really stuck. He believes he was around 9 or 10 when he started and always had a problem with the ambidextrous bass and treble clef lines. He said, “I never had the attention span to deal with both, which is one of the reasons why trumpet was so appealing to me. It’s only one line treble clef line, but a host of many other things you have to tackle in advance study that you only address when you get there but I kicked it down enough to play a little piano, mostly for a writing aid.

Collier made the choice to play trumpet way back when he was in the 6th grade. His band instructor wanted him to play trombone, but he was already sold on the trumpet. It was just something about the way it sounded that attracted Jason early on. It’s so versatile in nature. It can be loud and boisterous or soft and intimate. It has always been a great challenge, and this is mainly why Jason fell in love with it. It never gets boring and he will always be on this journey to improve it’s sound.

When Jason was learning to play trumpet in middle school, he was really inspired by Wynton Marsalis like most other young aspiring players. He later on was introduced to Clifford Brown whom absolutely blew him away. They both continue to inspire Jason daily, but what they do is a miracle that many have tried and failed to replicate. The biggest thing Jason has learned from both is to listen to his own voice and to be honest within his sentiment.


Jason’s favorite musicians currently are all over the board. As far as innovation and creativity on the trumpet, he disclosed, “I would have to say Roy Hargrove and Ambrose Akinmusire. Their ideas are so vivid and fresh. As far as singers, I would have to say I’ve been listening to lots of Kurt Elling, Otis, Stevie , Marvin, and Donny. And I mean a lot. It’s just something about the tone, inflection, and intention of the way that they each shape phrases and grooves that makes them stand out to me. I’ve also been checking out the songwriting of Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder (once again). The way they craft the marriage of lyric and song is fascinating. It all goes together so seamlessly woven by unique grooves and soul.”

Jason’s new band came about at the beginning of 2016 . He wrote his Ep “Sentiments of a Hopeless Romantic” back in 2014 , but just started performing it live earlier this year. It’s a process. “No matter how well you think you’ve crafted it only about 70 percent of it is brought to life in my opinion. We are still chipping away to polish it up and it sounds better every time. I would be a fool to not mention Mark Carbone: Drums , Spencer Garn : keys , Jacob Lawson : Bass, Paul Poovey: Trumpet, and William Hollingfield: Sax. It’s a big band and hard to coordinate schedules sometimes but we work it out and get it together. I’m so lucky to perform with a group of guys that are in their own right accomplished musicians that lead their own projects. I’m humbled to call each and every one of them friends, and dumbfounded by how much energy and support in learning and performing my music. It’s truly a blessing, and I am a lucky guy.” states, Jason.

Jason overall would like to animate the sounds he hears in his head, and make them a tangible form of energy. However trite or awesome they might be, he just wants to create something that evokes a feeling, or some nostalgia. His biggest goal is to write music that people can dance, sing, and be introspective with when necessary. It’s all left to interpretation, but he would like to paint a picture with sound and to inspire someone else to do something creative. Anything creative without hesitation.

Within our last segment, Jason disclosed that he hopes that the future holds a lot more music to come. He is currently working on his next EP that should be out soon. He would also like to collaborate with more creative people within his beautiful city of Atlanta. “I’m also working on building a trumpet studio to teach the kids or anyone fascinated with music in general or trumpet performance.” states Jason.

Feel Free to check out Jason Collier video on our Facebook page.

If you want to know more about Jason Collier or anything about trumpets, contact Robert Brown with at (866) 669-GEAR or find us online at We look forward to talking with you.