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Elation B-Stock Gear that “Rock” Bottom Prices.


GearSource is now featuring a HUGE line of Elation B-Stock gear!

Elation offers Stage Lighting with products specifically designed for various markets, including – Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental / Production, Studio/Broadcast, House ofWorship, Corporate AV, Exhibitions, Night Club / Leisure, Theme Parks & Cruise Ships. All their products are designed and engineered in USA and sold through their offices in US and Europe but also through partners like us at GearSource®.

CLICK HERE to see these items on GearSource.

The full list of items are available below:

GS Elation – B-STOCK

GSE Elation – B-STOCK

Contact our team at if in the US, Canada or South America. If in Europe contact us at

Have an amazing day and we look forward to hearing from you!




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Did you know that GearSource can help you take your corporate event to the next level?

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 2.38.26 PM

Corporate Events happen throughout the year and as an audio visual company you might be asking yourself… how do we ensure we make every event the most memorable AND successful experience for our customers? From Exhibits to Exhibitions – It’s always Show Time!

GearSource® has access to an extensive amount of gear specifically designed for live events, outdoor or indoor. Our team of experts will work with you to source exactly what you need, making sure you have the right gear for the location and size of your event. From an initial strategy to experiential design, detailed logistics to show-stopping audio visual effects and every detail in between — GearSource® will help you bring your vision to life.

Just a few examples of gear that will make your next corporate event a success:

Projectors with our FREE freight program:

NP-P474U 4700 Lumen Projector $1,754 USD or $2,280.97 CAD
NP-PX1004UL-B-18 10000 Lumen Projector $22,549 USD or $29,336.93 CAD
NP-PA653UL-41ZL 6500 Lumen Projector $8,887 USD or $11,562.25 CAD

Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens:

30 Tile Ai05 Super Slim Indoor LED Video Screen $38,265 USD or $49,783.91 CAD
Indoor LED Display Wall – 9.81′ x 18′ – Rental Grade $100,000 USD or $130,103 CAD
UPADIII 4.8 Outdoor/Indoor Rental LED $171,604 USD or $223,261.95 CAD
In Europe Apix 2 LED Modules 950 € or £845.85

Sound Systems:

Nexo Geo S System Line Array Sound System $17,396.85 USD or $22,633.80 CAD
TL1200 Complete Line Array System $37,037 USD or $48,186.25 CAD
VTX V20 Three-Way High Directivity Line Array System $110,000 USD or $143,113.30 CAD

We also have a wide rage of intercom systems available for your event communications. CLICK HERE.

For more information on gear for your upcoming corporate events, reach out to GearSource directly at or call 866-669-GEAR and ask for your Regional Rep. If you are in Europe, contact or call +44 20 3051 7715.

GO online today – – and check out all the latest deals and be sure to sign up for our Listings Update so you are always up on the latest gear.

We look forward to partnering with you to make your next event an amazing success.

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44 Designs Expands Rental Inventory with LED Video Walls and Touring Carts from GearSource.

44 Designs in Nashville, Tennessee, has been traditionally known as a lighting design firm that also carries some rental gear, but that moniker is changing with the company’s addition of more than 600 LED video panels to their inventory. The company acquired both Lightlink 4.8mm and Gloshine 3.9mm pitch panels earlier this year and has been touring them already with Outcry and Jake Owen.


“Almost every client we have is asking for LED video. We have looked at the subrental expense on our end and found avenues to directly invest that money into product that we can own and service in-house.” said operations manager, Clayton Thornton. “We are able to save our clients money by adding this to our inventory and it has helped us make strategic hiring decisions as well.” 44 Designs hired LED video veteran Timothy Lewis in the Spring of 2018 in anticipation of this growth.

Jeff Lavallee, the company’s owner, mentioned that “Timothy’s experience at PixelFlex and IMAG make him a key asset to 44. We were looking to fill a position for a project manager and account representative and Tim came along right as we were about to purchase these video walls. It was divine timing.”

Lavallee opened 44 Designs in 2009 as a think tank for creative minds to drum up ideas for live shows and stages. He is likely best known for working with alt-rock band Mutemath, sending fluorescent shop lights on their tour, as well as designing the first 3D projection mapped surface to tour with a band. 44 Designs has dabbled in video over the years, providing low resolution elements for Trace Adkins and Family Force 5, and a 6.9mm pitch wall for Arlo Guthrie and COIN. The new addition of 600+ LED panels is the largest investment the company has made into LED video to date.

Along with the purchase of the video panels, 44 Designs commissioned the construction of touring set carts to make load-in and load-out a breeze. The carts for the 3.9mm wall contain sections up to 2m by 2m, or 6.5′ square. The wall for the Outcry tour was 36′ wide by 18′ tall, which broke down into 15 sections riding in the carts.

“Our road crew attached the first sections to the truss and there were only two rows of connections to follow. Then the wall was floating,” says Thornton. “We built the carts to be scalable for various sizes of video walls.”

Lavallee took a different approach on the carts for the 4.8mm panels. “I wanted to put the 44 touch on the crank-up cart idea. We worked with Eric Cardwell and Accurate Staging to add doors to them and give the Jake Owen show some dimension. The doors open and close throughout the show and it provides for a powerful entrance at the top of the show.” Jake Owen is currently on tour across North America.

“At 44 Designs,” says Lavallee, “we try to send out shows and designs that stray from the status quo. In doing so, we also look at what has been done and re-engineer it to serve more than one purpose, such as having lights and audio gear mounted under a drum riser, or a crank-up video cart with doors.”

44 Designs is home to a vast inventory of LED video, lighting, staging, and scenic rental equipment as well as an in-house design team ready to make any live event a one-of-a-kind and visually compelling experience. Their unique approach has awarded them recognition across the globe, including a 2016 nomination for the “Hometown Hero” Parnelli Award.

For more information or to contact 44 Designs, refer to the newly redesigned website at the URL below or call +1 629-777-0044.

Click Here to read the article from Lighting and Sound America.


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House of Music and GearSource Team Up to Add Live Sound to The District.

DistrictD&B1 (2).JPEGHouse of Music and GearSource recently teamed up to add live sound to The District, a new Nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia.

In February, Mario Auda from House of Music sat down with Donny Walloch, the owner of The District to discuss what he was looking for in sound production for his new nightclub. Walloch wanted to be a step above current nightclubs located in Atlanta, specifically in sound and lighting, while competing with DJs that play on a national level. Auda was confident a d&b audiotechnik sound system would be the perfect solution. To keep within the their set budget, it was recommended The District consider a slightly used d&b audiotechnik sound system, which would be less expensive, and The District agreed.

To achieve their goals, House of Music contacted GearSource to pull together the gear required. Steve Smith, business development rep with GearSource, quickly jumped to the task to source the full system. He worked with a European vendor to import the system from Europe and, together with the GearSource team, moved the system door to door within the timeline required.

The system comprised of:
Eight d&b Q7 cabinet EP5 connector in flight-case
12 d&b Q1 cabinet EP5 connector in flight-case
Four d&b MAX cabinet EP5 connector in flight-case
Six d&b QSUB cabinet EP5 connector
13 d&b D12 amplifier EP5 connector
Two Q1 flying frame Z5159.000
Two Q flying adaptor for maximum three Q1 Z5156.000
Six d&b B2 subwoofer (from two different vendors)

“Steve from GearSource has been very helpful with all the transactions. We also purchased through GearSource the MA Lighting grandMA2 Light that is controlling all the lights. We could not be happier with the outcome of this entire install,” stated Auda.

“Working with House of Music has been a pleasure. Mario Auda and his support staff, Tyler and Jeremy are always very professional. They provided me with plans for The District and we met in person at the sight during build out to ensure we were getting them the gear they needed,” expressed Smith.

House of Music used Q1 Boxes for the main hangs, side hangs, and delays. They also used Q10s for the rear fills and six B2s for the lower end. The monitor system consists of two Q1s per side and four Q-subs. The twelve D12 amps drive the entire system. Chris Davis was the d&b tech and made sure the system was ready to entrance the dance floor. Having had such a good experience with GearSource, House of Music also purchased a grandMA2 Light to control the lighting and effects.

They brought in lighting designer, Tyler Nadue who designed the lighting system with the help of Max Kaplin in programming. Mixing together the lights and sound has set The District up to be a heavyweight player in live music venues.

The District, located at 269 Armour Drive NE, is a new bar and lounge located directly across the street from SweetWater Brewing Company. With its warehouse-style feel and ambience, this makes it one of the hottest new nightclubs in the Atlanta area.

House of Music is a full Sound, Lighting, Video, and Staging company. Auda and Jeremy Ladd have been in business since 1995 and handle full entertainment installs. Throughout the years, they have grown into a full-blown production company. 

Founded in 2002 by production gear veteran, Marcel Fairbairn, GearSource is a worldwide reseller of primarily pre-owned and B-Stock stage lighting, pro-audio, video, and staging equipment. With a focus to always strive for better, GearSource continues to provide its customers and vendors with the benefit of experienced people, leading edge technology, unique brands and white glove service. For more information about GearSource, visit the URL below or call (866)669-GEAR.



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It’s Spring Cleaning time…. let’s move some Gear!

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.01.19 PM.pngAs spring arrives and concert season is upon us, many production companies find they need to replace older equipment with new, in order to have a profitable summer season. To keep cash flowing, these older items must go.

As you well know, the bulk of all production equipment for touring is purchased between the months of April and June. Inventory management is one of the keys to running a successful production company. Money and space must be made available for new equipment purchases and slow moving and out-of-season gear is one way to free up some cash. GearSource® is a great resource for clearing out your aging or unwanted equipment and putting cash in your pocket for future purchases.

3 Necessary Spring Cleaning Tips:


Getting organized is only step one; Having an accurate record of all highly utilized equipment and moving the rest is the first place to start. Generate a spreadsheet of all slow moving or under-utilized equipment, with quantity available, a clear description and price. GearSource® can help you set up a process to easily add this gear to the website for sale. When next spring rolls around, you could be looking at less stock to clean and more cash in your pocket.


As a rule of thumb, equipment that has less than a 30% utilization, based on a one week rental rate, is something you want to consider selling and only sub-renting that equipment as needed. Also, equipment that is physically large in size, has a large hidden cost of storage due to the square footage it consumes.


Concentrate on the things that matter most to you and your business and let GearSource® get your pre-owned equipment out into the production marketplace. As your partner, we are able to assist you in coming up with a realistic pricing structure.

Overall, spring cleaning is about a clean slate and a fresh start and GearSource® will help you sweep up some cash you didn’t realize you had.


GearSource® are used gear professionals. If you would like news related information, gear tips and the hottest news in moving gear, click this link to receive our quarterly news feed or contact one of our professionals at You can also call us direct at +1.866.669.4327 (GEAR) or e-mail our Listings Team at We look forward to helping you with all your inventory needs.

Leave a comment® in 60 seconds : How to get the most out of your pre-owned production gear.

Are you wondering…what is my gear worth and how do I get the most out of my pre-owned production gear? Well, Henry Kones from® is here to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your stage gear. If you have more questions about moving your gear and want to clear out your production wear house…reach out to us at or call us direct at (866) 669-GEAR. Now “GO” and have a great stage production.

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Buying thought® is no joking matter!


Hello everyone. Rob Brown here. Part of the Biz Development team at GearSource® or otherwise known as one of your friendly GearHeads!

April Fools was just here but buying gear through GearSource® is no joking matter. Especially just before the heavy live production time of summer. So if you have gear that your not using, it’s time to list it with us at GearSource® . By selling your current pre-owned gear you will have the luxury to get more gear during this very busy time because you will have a bit more cash in your pocket. 

As you know, our company is a worldwide provider of preowned production equipment in the professional lighting, pro audio, video and staging industries. At any given time, we have all the production equipment you would need and can deliver on time and on budget. We are industry experts and we know gear.  

So think about what you have, what you need and know you now have the opportunity to list and sell any gear that you are wanting to move. Check us out online at or if in Europe Our team looks forward to helping you find the gear you need for this busy season. Reach out to us at or call us direct at (866) 669-GEAR. 

Robert Brown
Business Development 

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The Need for productions in your House of Worship.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 10.21.37 AM
For many in the Christian based Church Community this will be something you already know. For others this should be food for thought…
To a large extent and due mostly to advances in various social media platforms there are truly a lot of competition for faith based messaging and  attendance. In today’s world, we have to quickly realize that there is a HUGE modernization in the way that God’s message is delivered. Because of this, Pastors are always thinking about new ways they can instantly pour out their message though cell phones to entertain a young mind.
Overall, Contemporary Houses of Worship services have been a commonplace amongust Baptist, Non-Denominational Christian, and Evangelical Christian congregations for the better part of 10-15 years. Others “more traditional religions” have begun to catch on to the need to modernize their message and present it in a more “eye catching” way.
As a Roman Catholic myself…….my Parish added an additional video projector last year, they modernized their youth group presentations and this is a denomination that is coming out of a 45 year old audio sound system. Can you say, “anybody interested in an upgrade? Maybe new Altec A7’s or JBL 4560?
As a company GearSource® serves an important role in the religious community.  As a company, we are the place to sell your old gear, update your older equipment or just get well grounded advice on how to improve your services. Including getting your message out in a modern way. Click this PDF to see how I assisted a House of Worship get a new system within 45 days > GearSource® Tech Sportlight TFW Magazine.
Please feel free to reach out to us any time to discuss your House of Worship needs.

Henry Kones – VP Business Development GearSource® Inc.

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Why list your gear with GearSource®?

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 1.38.55 PM

In 2001, when I started this company, you really didn’t have other options. You basically died with whatever gear you purchased, unless you were able to find a local school, church, or theater who might want it. Rental companies certainly wouldn’t sell to other rental companies, and the internet was still young, there wasn’t even Facebook!

Today is much different. You have many options when it comes to the disposal of used gear. You can post an “ad” on eBay, add some pictures and maybe even prices to your Facebook page, or even use one of our many, smaller competitors. We have recognized and embraced these technology and social changes along the way, and we have adapted.
Based on a foundation / platform that we call G-Suite®, we have created selling tools that empower you and arm you with knowledge. We have a nice little tool called GSiQ® that offers you pricing suggestions based on REAL sales of the same or similar items. We have a Listing API, allowing you to tie our system and yours together, providing automated listings updates (when an item is out on a rental, it is not available for sale on our site, and when it returns – it is back up and listed). We have an offer system where – once your item has not sold for a period of time, our site will automatically begin accepting offers. This tool alone has produced numerous sales on stale or difficult to sell items. We have a full-time team of tech experts who are always looking for ways to improve our platform and bring more sales to your gear.
And we listen! Many of our greatest features and updates have come by way of suggestions made by power users who dreamed of better methods and we agreed!
In addition to the tools, we have invested in our people. You won’t find a more professional, caring and dedicated team anywhere. Many of these people have been with GearSource® more than 10 years and have 20+ years industry experience. Not to mention, no one else has offices and people in the USA, Europe and Asia. Did you know that when you list an item for sale here in the USA, we may also put it up for sale in Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Denmark, and Australia?
The bottom line is this. We REALLY care about selling your gear, and unlike ANY other method you might consider, we care about the price you get as well. We want you to get top dollar, as long as you are offering top gear. Quality does matter when it comes to used gear, and people buy from us because they trust our people, our process, and our products.
We realize the many choices you have when it comes to disposal of your gear, and we promise to ALWAYS provide you with the best option right here at GearSource®. So give it a shot… Reach out to one of our Business Development “GearHeads” today!
Marcel Fairbairn
President and CEO

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Is Kinetic Art the next big thing in the production business?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.10.55 AMWalking around LDI this year I started to see a new trend emerge. I asked myself, is Kinetic Art the next possible wave of productions? Several of the booths this year featured both moving lights and elements to create a visual spectacle that drew lots of observers.

If you are not aware of Kinetic Art, it is Lumino kinetic art. Lumino kinetic art involves, as the name suggests, light and movement. Lumino kinetic art is now being widely used in stage productions.

In most cases, multiple smaller arrays of led lighting are strung across multiple DMX controlled “mini motors” that create a visual art flow. While some of these systems are still costly, I can definitely see a movement towards lowering the cost and an increase in strong visual presentations in the world of production.   

Here’s just an example of one I found amazingly cool. Kinetic Art at LDI by Media Front CLICK HERE to watch. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.04.58 AM

If you want to learn more about production lighting and gear…reach out to me at



Henry Kones

Business Development Manager®